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VIDEO: Testing the Waszp

Published on June 18th, 2016

The WASZP project was conceived in 2010 by Andrew McDougall, designer of the world beating Mach 2 foiling Moth. The Moth is a racing boat with very few rules and therefore has developed into a boat that is beautiful to sail on the water, but not the answer to everyone’s requirements for a sailing dinghy.

The concept of the Waszp was for a foiler similar to a Moth, but answered all the sticking points that stop people buying a Moth. In short, McDougall wanted to develop an affordable, modern, durable, easy to learn race class that brings a new definition of fun. Essentially, create a platform for beginner foilers to advanced racers.

This video shows the first launch of the production version in China.

Video notes: For the first launch of the Waszp, the winds were very light and we did not expect to get foiling at all, but we did and it was heaps of fun. Very, very pleased that it all went without a hitch. The Waszp performed much better than any of the prototypes, mainly because the sail has been perfected and the foils are now slightly longer. Filming while driving is not ideal, so again apologies for the shaky footage!

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