Gifts for Sailors (What They Really Want)

Published on December 14th, 2016

This Christmas, before you start researching the best rigging knife and sailing watch, know a couple of things about the sailor in your life: he or she really doesn’t need the newest gadget or gizmo. In fact, most of the things skippers actually want are totally free.

presentHere is what you should be thinking about….courtesy of SpinSheet Magazine:

• Look at your calendar, and block off a few weekends in the upcoming year to go sailing with your friend. Then, don’t let last minute work projects or kids’ soccer camps get in the way: make good on your offer.

• If you’re handy, take on a few minor boat projects: help with some glassing, scrub the bottom, and fix the lifelines if they’re a mess. Show your skipper that you take pride in your ride as well, and not that you simply take advantage of it.

• If you’re racing in a regatta, offer to pick up the registration bag, or purchase tickets for the crew instead of leaving everything on your skipper. Skippers put in a ton of money and time just to have fun on the weekends.

• Invite your sailing friends to come sailing with you on your boat. And also invite their kids. They’re not all terrible.

• Bring in some new crew. You, my pet, are indispensable. But there are nights when you aren’t available, and by introducing your sailing buddies to your skipper, you not only make the party bigger, but you’re ensuring that it will continue for a very long time.

• Offer to bring the snacks and refreshments for the next impromptu happy hour cruise. It doesn’t have to be off the charts elaborate; just show your skipper that it’s not all on him or her to provide.

• Come ready to make the boat go fast. Watch some YouTube videos, read some books, and come talking about ways you can power up this beast instead of just sitting there, complaining that “We aren’t going anywhere.” Your skipper hates that.

• After sailing, always make sure that you always put the boat away nicer than you found her. This is the secret to remaining excellent sailing friends throughout many seasons.

Source: SpinSheet, December 2016

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