2017 ORC VPP, Rules and DVP now available

Published on January 17th, 2017

(January 17, 2017) – The Offshore Racing Congress (ORC) has released its 2017 version of the ORC Velocity Prediction Program (VPP) for use. The VPP is the core of the ORC International and ORC Club Rating Systems and is used to generate certificates in these systems.

ORC Rating Offices around the word now have access to issue 2017 certificates according to their policies. The ORC’s public online access to present and past valid certificate copies, and running new test certificates, ORC Speed Guides, and Target Speeds in the ORC Sailor Services system is now also updated for the new 2017 VPP.

The following improvements were made to the 2017 ORC VPP:

In hydrodynamics:
– A new formulation has been made for added resistance in waves
– A new rating treatment for hull construction materials
– A revision of hull windage in heeled conditions
– The Lines Processing Program (LPP) has been improved for handling unusual hull and appendage shapes
In aerodynamics:
– Force coefficients for headsails set flying have been updated
– Force coefficients for headsails set on the forestay with or without battens have been unified

The 2017 certificate design is also slightly changed, with Time-on-Distance ratings shown now for Triple Number ratings, and the Performance Line scoring option has been removed.

The suite of 2017 Rules in the ORC system are also now published, with a summary of changes made from 2016 available on the Rules page. These rules include the International Measurement Rules, the ORC Rating Rules, the ORC Championship Rules (Green Book), ORC Standard Notice of Race, and Standard Sailing Instructions, and the ORC Sportboat Rules. The ORC Speed Guide Explanation, GP Class Rules, and ORC Stability and Hydrostatics Datasheet Explanation are also published, with all available as PDF files and e-books on the ORC website at www.orc.org/rules.

The 2017 ORC Superyacht Rule will be available soon, and the 2017 VPP Documentation documents will be available by March 1, as will a new ORC Race Management Guidebook and ORC Hull Measurement Manual.

Lastly, the ORC VPP Designer’s version (DVP) is also now available for purchase, download and use. The DVP uses the same software used by Rating officers to issue certificates, with the only limitation being able to print actual certificates. However, the results data includes all the ratings and time allowances shown on a certificate, together with a complete set of calculated hydro and aerodynamic data, as well as that defined by the ORC rules.

Any designer may process design data through the VPP to analyze rating effects, and the software is therefore regarded as essential to anyone contemplating an ORC design project. The subscription will not give access to existing hull data without the written permission of its designer, while rig, sails and other measurements can be obtained from any copy of ORC Certificate through ORC Sailor Services.

“We are pleased to offer the racing community our 2017 VPP and rules,” said Bruno Finzi, Chairman of ORC. “The technical staff has worked hard to continue to make improvements under direction from the Congress, and has delivered the ORC products on time for the new year’s season. We expect to have another great year of helping support a system that provides fair racing for all boats, and we wish everyone Good Luck in their 2017 season.”

For more information on the ORC VPP and DVP, go to www.orc.org/vpp.
Purchase and download of the 2017 VPP is available at www.orc.org/dvp.

Source: ORC


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