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Published on February 7th, 2017

Nomination for candidates to the Class of 2017 of the US National Sailing Hall of Fame must be received by midnight (Pacific Time) on March 30, 2017. Any nomination received after March 30 will automatically be included for consideration for next year’s Class of 2018 Induction.

The Class of 2017 will be the seventh group to enter the Hall of Fame. To see the 57 current inductees…click here.

Nominating categories include:
• The SAILING Category recognizes achievements made on the water as a Sailboat Racer, Cruiser or Offshore Sailor.

• The TECHNICAL Category recognizes those who have significantly contributed to the technical aspects of sailing. Examples include Designers, Boat Builders, Sail-makers, etc.

• The CONTRIBUTOR Category recognizes those who have made other significant contributions to the American sailing experience. Examples include Teachers, Coaches, Administrators, Media (including authored works, TV, film, etc.), Artists, Musicians, Promoters and Organizers.

How to Nominate:
You can nominate almost anyone… from American Sailing history past or present — a racer, cruiser, pioneer, inventor, naval architect, author, instructor, musician… anyone, really who (and this is the important part) who has made a significant contribution to American Sailing.

Your candidate must:
• Be a U.S. citizen. Although if someone of international birth has made a significant impact on the development of the sport of sailing here in the United States, they may be nominated.
• 45 years of age or older. Posthumous nominations may be made 5 years postmortem or in the year the deceased would have reached 45 years of age, whichever is sooner.

Your nomination should be convincing. Build a case for why your nominee should enter the Hall of Fame:
• List of accomplishments in and contributions to the world of Sailing — races won, inventions, publications, awards, other recognitions, etc.
• List of notable accomplishments and contributions outside of sailing that you feel should be considered.
• A listing of articles, web pages, photos, videos or other publications is helpful.
• All of this information should be condensed to a clear and concise argument for your candidate.

Please keep in mind that the final document prepared for each candidate submitted to the Nominating Committee is limited to just two pages — so BE DETAILED BUT BRIEF in telling us why your person should be inducted.

One nomination is all it takes:
It’s a nomination, not a vote. One nomination is all it takes for a candidate to be considered by the Nominating Committee. Submitting duplicate nominations or engaging others in a “campaign” for your person only adds to the burdens placed on our volunteers. Please be considerate of their time.

To learn more, including tips and videos on how to prepare your candidates information for submission, visit:

Source: NSHOF

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