The World Sailing Show – April 2017

Published on March 26th, 2017

The World Sailing Show provides a monthly view of the racing world. From non-stop around the world racers, to the intensity of Olympic campaigns, from seasoned professionals, to grass roots weekend warriors, The World Sailing Show will get into the latest action afloat. Here’s the April 2017 show synopsis.

Going overboard – Conrad Colman’s shocking secret
Conrad Colman’s candid account of his race in the Vendée Globe touched thousands as he recorded the highs and the lows of his trip. But what he didn’t tell the world during his 110 day race was that he had come perilously close to dying in the process. He saved that bombshell for the press conference.

The World Sailing Show was there for his arrival and caught up with him for a one to one interview. Candid as ever, he describes the incident that had nearly cost him his life and why he kept this a secret until his return.

But Conrad goes further as he talks of the tragedies in his personal life that have contributed to a deep rooted determination to succeed.

Conrad Colman’s story is a moving and personal one, but also one of grit. It may only be the Spring, but this is one of the stories of 2017.

Miami T-bone
Tony Langley’s TP52 Gladiator was brand new for the Miami leg of the TP52 Super Series, the second event of 2017. But the first day of racing saw a major collision as Langley’s team was dealt a huge blow.

Lifting the lid on the new America’s Cup class
All six of the new America’s Cup class boats have now been launched. But amid the champagne, speeches and proud smiles, teams are rather coy when it comes to discussing what is under the skin of their new racing machines and what makes them different from the test boats that we’ve seen over the last 18 months.

With the help of Groupama Team France, the World Sailing Show takes the lid off the new class to find out what makes them tick.

Sailing Arabia The Tour
This year’s Sailing Arabia The Tour, may have taken teams to familiar locations in the Middle East, but the route had changed along with the normal weather pattern for this 700mile 16 day series.

Why the Finn is still such a big draw
It’s the head boy of the dinghy park, but while the Finn may be the oldest class in the Olympic fleet, it is still a big draw for the next wave of new sailing talent.

The World Sailing Show talks to some of the big names and new names to find out why the Finn still has so much appeal.

How the Caribbean 600 played out
The weather for this year’s Caribbean 600 was not as advertised but that didn’t stop a record turnout for the Royal Ocean Racing Club’s 600 mile course around 11 islands. We take a look at how this this year’s event played out.

Videos published on March 26, 2017.

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