VIDEO: Is This The Future?

Published on August 22nd, 2017

We don’t know if this is the future, but we do know it is happening. Here is the note we received from Inflated Wing Sail (IWS) creator Edouard Kessi.

Many rigid wing sails have been developed in Yachting during the past few years. Their performance has been without a doubt excelling and overtaking the classical rig as we know. Used largely in sailing competition such as the America’s cup, the rigid wing sails still remain very complex for the everyday use and for large sailing boat.

Furthermore, the marine transport is booming, wind energy is always pushed forward, but the designers and builders do not have a real solution to control the effort.

This is why our team developed a new concept of sail that could resolve all these issues, called IWS aka Inflated Wing Sails.

This new technology was inspired by paragliders which allies simplicity, performance and are user friendly.

IWS is a revolution in super yachts, cruise ships and transport yachts as almost all inherent forces of the mono-surface sails are now dissolved and it purifies the deck from all unnecessary hardware, rigging and much more.

After two years of developing and testing IWS in all wind conditions on a 5.5 JI sailing boat, we finally finalised our first step of development and are ready to promote its concept in the yachting and marine transport world.


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