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Published on September 7th, 2017

The 2017 505 World Championship is coming to the USA, with 89 teams now entered to compete September 20-29 in Annapolis, MD. Among the crowd is the ever popular Australian Earle Alexander, who at 74 years has only missed attending two worlds since 1999.

Earle purchased his first 505 in 1986 and hasn’t wanted to sail anything else ever since. Here he comments on the attraction to the class and his longevity.

Earle Alexander

Good boat
Once you have sailed a 505 in both light and heavy wind you realize that the 505 can be sailed completely under control and fast in all conditions. Just look under the bow as you plane down a big wave at close to 20 knots and you will know what I mean.

Good people
There are no secrets in the 505 community. The top competitive sailors are willing to share and help you set up your boat. Newcomers and novices are made to feel welcome. The 505 community around the world have become my close friends. Their backpacking children stay at my family’s homes around Australia. I travel the world not as a tourist but as a 505 friend visiting and staying with the 505 community.

Good health
I have been lucky with my health and fitness. I eat well, drink good red wine and have always slept well. Having good boat handling skills is critical and makes it easy to sail a 505 provided you have a fit and skillful crew. Learn to sail smart and easy and let the crew do most of the leaning to keep the boat upright. Since I started to work in my own consulting company in 1998 that I have been able to have the time and money to travel the 505 world. I have decided to “SKI” (Spend Kids Inheritance) while my fitness lasts. I don’t intend to fall off my perch with much money in the bank.

Source: Bill Wagner, 505 class

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