Maximizing Reach of Event Content

Published on October 16th, 2017

The emergence of convenient broadcast technology is providing more options to deliver sailing to an online audience. While big-time events utilize expensive recording standards, an iPhone and Facebook live can do the job done too.

With live video comes the need for engaging commentary, and as sailing has delved further into streaming the sport online, there has grown a cast of characters that have become adept at chatting through the course of a race. A healthy list of options now exist!

If an event has made the commitment to deliver video, the objective then is to ensure the largest audience possible. Even on the cheap, live streaming requires an expense that must be justified, so maximizing the benefit of that cost is to strategically maximize the viewership.

Every event has stakeholders, whether they be sailing media, industry suppliers, sponsors, etc. This group is a valued ally to extend the reach of the broadcast, however, this then becomes a consideration when recruiting commentators.

If commentators are engaged elsewhere in the sport through an alliance with an involved stakeholder, this position may help ensure event coverage is carried within their realm of influence, but could hasten competing stakeholders from sharing content with similar enthusiasm.

The neutrality of the team delivering event content – written or video – assures minimal bias, a level playing field, and arguably the greatest opportunity to enlist all stakeholders to eagerly promote the coverage.

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