Alerion needs to be rescued

Published on October 30th, 2017

by Craig Leweck, Scuttlebutt
My wife and I have owned an Alerion Express 28 for a year and have grown fond of this line of boats. Classic look, sails nice, and easy to use. Good for the ego too, as it’s a rare day we don’t get a compliment on her appearance. They are, or were, built by USWatercraft in Rhode Island, which is now in receivership. Their failure has cost people money, myself included.

Of the assets held by USWatercraft, I consider the Alerion to be the jewel. There were several being built before the courts took over, and now the Alerion 20, Sport, 28, 33 and 41 molds, plugs, lines, trademarks, complete engineering, CNC cams, BOM etc., are being offered for sale to the highest and best bidder.

An auction is scheduled on November 9 and if they are not purchased the brand will die. Alerion was nearly extinguished before, with USWatercraft purchasing it from the demise of Pearson Marine Group in 2013. Now it needs to be rescued again. Without a buyer, the molds will be disposed and all future rights held in perpetuity.

The failure of USWatercraft has impacted many people, and now I’d hate to see its demise kill this brand too. Their enjoyable performance and stunning good looks makes it fun to go for a sail, and that’s something worth saving.

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