Ninety-Nine Reasons

Published on December 12th, 2017

John Barbano, a member of Brant Beach Yacht Club and past Secretary of US Optimist Class, had two sons sail Optis from 1996-2008. Here he shares in OptiNews observations from his class involvement:

You know you are an avid (crazy?) Opti parent when:
1. You own a large SUV, and another vehicle with a hitch and roof racks.
2. Your two-year old SUV has 182,000 original miles, smells nasty, and has as- sorted of straps, hitches and bungies.
3. The trunk of all your vehicles has towels, Febreze, a case of water and Gatorades all the time.
4. Your SUV’s rear floor is filled with sand, eel grass and water despite strict rules on hosing off and keeping sailing clothes in a plastic bag.
5. You have a roll of 100 big plastic bags in your car at all times (see above).
6. You sell your car, and the Opti magnet peels off the paint.
7. The trade in value for your SUV is worthless because of foul odors, so you have to sell it to an Opti parent.
8. Your friend almost passes out from the smell of rotted sailing boots and you didn’t even notice it.
9. Your laundry room smells, and you don’t notice or care. Your dog won’t enter the room, it stinks too much.
10. You have clothes lines in your garage, your den, your basement, your car, and outside your house.

Can you handle 89 more reasons? Click here.

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