J/105 Class Takes on Supplier Challenge

Published on February 26th, 2018

When US Watercraft went bankrupt, their assets were sold at auction, including the molds and templates for the J/105. As US Watercraft was the only J/Boats authorized builder of J/105, these molds and templates are now in a state of limbo.

It appears the buyer is not interested in J/105 tooling, and only holds them (and the molds and templates for other boats as well) as part of the assets in a bulk purchase that included the True North line of boats.

The J/105 Class is facing the possibility there will not be more J/105s produced given the lack of interest by the current owner of the molds and the high labor costs in the US to resume production.

As part of that trend, making repairs and replacing broken parts remain a concern. While Hall Spars USA is also effectively out of business, it is still possible to obtain some replacements parts, but the stock is dwindling. In addition to the mast and boom, Hall manufactured the vang. The Class Technical Committee is investigating what alternatives exist as needs arises.

Source: J/105 Technical Committee Report

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