Star Class: How much better does it get?

Published on March 1st, 2018

by L. Carl Schellbach, Jr.
I revere those that rise to the pinnacle of Star boat racing, and the general beauty of the boat when well sailed, but what particularly draws me to the Class is the members that make it all happen. And a LOT happens in the Star Class.

I had the opportunity to work race committee at the World Cup Series Miami for the past few years with a fellow from Tulsa, OK. He talks funny, and he says the same about me. We had some time to kill while it was a quite windy day this past regatta, and talk got around to Stars.

He told me of Steve, a Tulsa local, who had won a National Championship in Catalina 22s, was an active Snipe sailor, and owns and loves Star #6025. He has introduced hundreds of people in his little slice of paradise to the beauty of sailing in general, and of Star boats in particular over the years.

But Steve was stricken with ALS a few years ago, and is unfortunately not able to sail now. His home Club has an annual charity regatta that has been recently christened as Sailing for Steve, with proceeds going to the ALS Foundation. I thought that the participants in Miami’s Star Winter Series (in which I have a recurring role) could do something nice for Steve. So….

John MacCausland provided a Star Class warning flag, Coral Reef Yacht Club provided additional artwork and some sharpies, and the 40-odd skippers and their crews (and Race Committee members!) at the Walker Cup/Midwinters Regatta dinner enthusiastically provided autographs on said flag, labeled Stars for Steve.

There was a longer line to sign the flag than there was for the bar!

While I personally revere those that take home all the marbles in the most competitive one-design keelboat in the world, I am deeply honored to be a member of this Class. Truly first-class all the way. Honoring the past, leading the future has a very deep meaning.

I’m told that when Steve received the flag, he called his crew and co-owner of #6025 to come over right away, and they all broke out the good scotch for the first time in months. How much better does it get?

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