Embracing the Racing Rules of Sailing

Published on July 3rd, 2018

The Inland Lake Yachting Association (ILYA) launched the #FAIRSAILING Initiative for the 2018 season in an effort to emphasize sportsmanship on the water. The focus has been on improving rule knowledge, which has resulted in the development of online videos and a rules quiz.

The video presentation is posted online with each rule given a chapter. You can review only one rule or choose to review them in sequence. There is no limitation on how you use the videos. The graphics can be re-run repetitively so give yourself time to think. Please make comments to John Porter or Rick Roy who have committed their leadership, time and ability to share and explain the initiative.

To access the videos… click here.

The online quiz seeks to confirm rule comprehension. Key points:

• 15 questions. Need to get 11 right (73%) to pass.
• The questions test basic knowledge of the rules and are not designed to be tricky.
• The quiz is open reference. ILYA encourages you to use a rule book or other references while taking it.
• If you don’t pass, you can re-take the quiz as many times as needed. You will get slightly different questions when you re-take.

Accessing the quiz:

• Go to the #FairSailing page at SailZing.com.
• Register for an account at SailZing or log in with your existing account.
• Click on the link for the #FairSailing Rules Quiz.
• Take the quiz. After submitting your answers you will see the results, with the correct answers explained.

The ILYA has already witnessed results from the initiative, with this report submitted by John Holland to Scowlines from an incident at the Lake Forest Junior Olympics:

“Geneva’s Jack Plummer (6986) stopped sailing during today’s final race to render assistance to KJ Avakian who had capsized. His board had fallen through and he couldn’t get the boat over. Plummer held the bow so Avakian could right the boat. As the mast started coming above the water line, Plummer grabbed the mast and helped lift it. Once the boat was righted Plummer helped Avakian bail the boat.

“All of this was done while Plummer was engaged in racing in the RWB fleet, obviously to the detriment of his position in the race. It was an amazing display of sportsmanship by a sailor who is only 8 yrs old. It personifies exactly what we are all striving to underscore in our youth and adult sailing programs.”

Rule 1 – Helping those in danger; “A boat or competitor shall give all possible help to any person or vessel in danger.”
Rule 2 (in part) – “A boat and her owner shall compete in compliance with recognized principles of sportsmanship and fair play.”

Source: Scowlines

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