How many races per day?

Published on December 10th, 2018

How many races to be held each day is a contentious question. Better sailors tend to want more, whereas other want to balance the sailing with the socializing. Racing in 10 knots is comparatively easier than half as much or twice as much. Each starting sequence is stressful… how much stress is too much for what is intended to be recreation?

The Snipe Class was curious enough to poll the competitors at the 2018 European Championship and the 2018 Western Hemisphere and Orient Championship. These events, held biennially in between the Snipe World Championship that is on odd years, attract the elite in the class and are immensely competitive. These people came to race!

The question asked was whether competitors preferred a maximum of three races per day with a duration of 60-75 minutes, or two races a day with a third race only to recover lost races.

The 2018 Europeans was held in Finland, where a strong response of 75% was in favor of having three races a day. The 2018 Westerns was held in Argentina, where a stronger response of 87% was in favor of a two race schedule with an option for a third.

So there you have it – the debate continues.

For the complete survey… click here.

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