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Progress and Regress

Published on December 11th, 2018

Scuttlebutt encourages commentary from our readers, and while we may not at that time be able to include them all in the publication, we hold on to some in hopes we can. Here are some observations on changes amid our sport:

I sailed on a 45-footer for the Canadian Team in the Admiral’s Cup (a year or two ago), and while short tacking along the shore in the Solent, to avoid the tide, with 60 boats in the race, we tacked once and came out on port and couldn’t avoid a starboard tracker. That was it… we were out.

This was before the 720 rule had existed. So, three big boats with 25 people that spent more than a week, thousands of miles and countless effort to compete, and with one mistake our chances were severely out the window. All those people could have had a successful adventure, but instead it was sad times for all involved.

The change to alternative-type penalties has been a tremendous upgrade to our sport.
– Rob Ball

A major culprit demanding time from the young and unknowing is ‘the screen’. Whether it is a phone, computer, or TV, it is THE phenom in most youth lifestyles. It won’t be forever, maybe just through this generation, after the luster of instant comm to anywhere in the world has become commonplace.

There are many out there who are willing to forego the self-congratulatory Facebook feeds in favor of experience in the ‘real’ world. Kids are not the only ones distracted with this newest tech magic. If my navigator (64 years young) is put on the helm, he spends more time messing with the 12″ chartplotter than steering.

Many lessons await those who attend life. My mother always said, “Happiness is doing.”
– Eric Sorensen

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