Canadian Team system for Tokyo 2020

Published on May 23rd, 2019

Sail Canada has finalized the Internal Selection Process for the Canadian Team to compete at the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games. A major change for the 2020 Olympics is that once Canada qualifies for entry in any of the ten Sailing Events through the World Sailing qualification system, the country will put forth a representative to fill that entry slot.

Whereas before the athletes had to fulfill a requirement to confirm their competitiveness, this change allows for those individuals focused on Paris 2024 to gain experience by competing at the 2020 Olympics.

The two-part qualification consists of the following methods:

Method A
• In the event that only one Team places in the Top-10 at the 2019 Olympic Class World Championships, and no other Team places within five overall finish positions of the Team that finished in the Top-10, they will automatically be selected to the Olympic Team.
• If two or more Teams place in the Top-10 at the 2019 Olympic Class World Championships and/or another or other Team(s) place(s) within five overall finish positions of a Top-10 finisher, then the selection process will move to Method B for these teams only as described below.

Method B
Two Event Selection: In the event that Section applies, or if no team qualifies through Method A the Team (or Teams) seeking to be selected to the Olympic Team shall compete in a two regatta selection series.

If you are a Canadian athlete and wish to inquire about these selection events and/or would like a copy of the Internal Selection Process document please contact Mike Milner at

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