Doing what’s never been done

Published on October 8th, 2019

The Ocean Cruising Club, a virtual “home port” for those who have sailed long distances across big oceans, shares an update from a never before done pursuit:

OCC Member Randall Reeves is near completion of a historic circumnavigation of both Antarctica and the Americas in one season. Reeves departed from San Francisco just over one year ago on what he called the Figure 8 Voyage.

This solo journey on the 45-foot aluminum sloop Moli has taken him around the Antarctic through the Southern Ocean, then up the coast of the Americas and through the Northwest Passage to return to San Francisco. This has never been done before.

Reeves is on the final miles as he descends the western coast of the USA, with his official return date of October 19, weather permitting, to San Francisco, CA.

“All day I sat by the lee window and wondered what I should think of all these miles under the keel,” shared Reeves. “So much water. Almost a year of perpetual motion. Only to return to where we started. Without a hold full of gold. And not feeling that much wiser.

“But satisfied. Is that what this was about? Though not fully, not yet. Now is not quite the time for reverie. A very stiff wind off the coast may make that final approach tricky. Better to stay focused. After the anchor is dug in, then philosophy. For now, sail.”

It is expected that Reeves will come under the Golden Gate Bridge between noon and 1pm (1300h PST, 1900h GMT) on October 19. Additional details at

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