Olympic cross-training in Miami

Published on January 24th, 2020

Nikole ‘Nikki’ Barnes and Lara Dallman-Weiss are in the thick of their Olympic campaign to represent the USA in the Women’s 470 event at Tokyo 2020. In this report, Lara shares how cross-training takes on new meaning while at their winter base in Miami, FL.

There is an art to driving in Miami, and it’s taken me a few years to fall into the flow. Here’s how it works: there is a fine balance between not getting rallied up and at the same time not letting others take advantage of you.

People will use their horns, and you must be ready for this too; it’s part of the language. There are pile-ups and random stopping cars, people texting and not paying attention to stoplights; these are opportunities!

This shouldn’t make you angry. Quick reactions are required. Inconsistent speeds and lane changing is part of the game. Yes, safety comes first, but if you sit in the same lane thinking you’re ever going to get anywhere you’re dreaming, and accepting defeat.

I liken this to racing the 470; managing adrenaline at the right times, not getting drawn into the inevitable yelling and fighting for positions on the starting line or at mark roundings, but ready for the fight, jumping at any opportunity to make gains up the course.

Driving from point A to point B, or racing around the buoys, is ultimately about you against the course, and it’s managing all of the external factors that makes it fun, tricky, a game. What will you do when others cross your path?

Always racing, calm, yet ready to attack.

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