Managing the cost to compete

Published on September 1st, 2020

by Craig Leweck, Scuttlebutt Sailing News
Every restaurant creates a menu that defines who they want to be, and each meal is then priced accordingly. If you go to a respected steakhouse, you’ll pay $50+ for your meat, whereas McDonald’s will sell you a Big Mac for about $4.00.

These restaurants are pursuing different clientele, and while their profitability is subject to many factors, nobody beats McDonald’s in the number of meals served. Sailing is the same. The greater the cost to compete, the fewer that will be able to do it.

For one design class organizations, they can define “their restaurant” within the class rules, and if the goal is get a lot of patrons, managing the cost to compete becomes a consideration. Here are cost variables the Viper 640 Class manages in its rules:
7.8.1(a) – A Viper 640 owner may acquire up to one complete set of new sails per calendar year (one main, one jib, and one spinnaker).

10.1 – The Viper Class Association promotes racing between Corinthian teams.

10.2 – No helmsperson or crew member may be “paid” to sail in any race aboard a Viper. A signed declaration of compliance with this Rule 10.2 by all participants on Viper 640s at a Sanctioned regatta may be required at the discretion of the Executive Committee and in a form it specifies.

10.5 – Private on the water coaching is not permitted at Class sanctioned events at any time on race days. A Viper Class Coach boat specifically approved in writing by the Class Executive Committee, or by a Regatta Organizing Committee designated by the relevant Class Regional Executive Committee, may provide coaching to a wide range of competitors to enhance all competitors’ enjoyment of the event.
To read the Viper 640 Class Rules, click here.

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