World Sailing: Hear from the candidates

Published on October 5th, 2020

If you spend any time listening to USA political news, you hear a lot of about how 2020 is the most consequential presidential election ever. However, it is also possible the World Sailing presidential election this month will be far-reaching as three candidates seek to halt the second term of incumbent Kim Andersen (DEN).

World Sailing’s Election Committee overseeing the 2020 Election of World Sailing’s Officers quizzed the four candidates with questions submitted by World Sailing’s Member National Authorities for them to answer.

The candidates:
• Kim Andersen (DEN)
• Quanhai Li (CHN)
• Scott Perry (URU)
• Gerardo Seeliger (ESP)

The questions:
1. Please explain how your skills and experience would allow you to lead a cohesive and effective World Sailing Board.
2. If elected, would you propose any specific changes to the governance of World Sailing? If so, what would they be?
3. What are your views on the development of the Sailing’s Olympic Events and Equipment?
4. World Sailing’s Emerging Nations Program has been key to promoting event participation, especially for sailors into the Youth Worlds and Para Worlds. What are your proposals for this area of World Sailing’s work?
5. World Sailing’s financial position is publicly known. What are your views on how World Sailing could further seek to strengthen its position in a realistic and achievable way?
6. How could Sailing once again be part of the Paralympic Games?
7. If you were limited to only one new policy or change within World Sailing, what would it be, and why would it be the most important?

For their replies and the election process, click here.

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