Regatta rules to protect membership

Published on February 9th, 2021

During the winter in North America, there is no better region for regattas than the southeast USA, and that generally translates to an arrival at Miami International Airport for racing on Biscayne Bay.

But COVID-19 traveled around the world on carriers, and while sailors may want to compete, yacht club hosts must consider the impact of the event on volunteers, club membership, and the local community.

Located on South Bayshore Drive, Coral Reef Yacht Club (CRYC) is a generous host for many of the Miami events, but the pandemic has required a heightened protocol to protect the interest of its membership. Here are the CRYC COVID-19 rules for regattas:

• Only sailors that are CRYC members are permitted to use club facilities and amenities, with the exceptions listed below.
• The non-member crews for CRYC members are allowed to go straight to the boat from off the club premises.
• No onsite parking for non-members.
• Upon arrival the CRYC members’ crews will be temperature tested at the Security Gate.
• CRYC member non-member crews may use the boathouse ONLY for showering, restroom.
• No guest cards, nor reciprocal billing.
• Non-member teams may not sail from CRYC. The US Sailing Center or another venue on Biscayne Bay can be alternatives.
• Non-members are otherwise not currently permitted on the premises. Sailors should not venture between BBYC and the USSC through CRYC.
• Sailors meet on the water.
• No competitor’s meetings or awards ceremonies at CRYC.
• Under the current City of Miami guidelines, social distancing will be followed. All crew rigging must comply accordingly and boats will be placed to facilitate distancing.
• Keep Dry Slip area clear, do not block passages.
• CRYC has a very active member youth program, all sailors will take direction from the Dockmaster, Waterfront Director or youth sailing coaches to not compromise social distancing and mask ordnances.
• Stay at home if you have any of the following symptoms, a cold, runny nose, sneezing, sore throat, cough, or fever.
• Launch and retrieval times for CRYC member teams at CRYC will be allocated by the Dockmaster.
• Sailors must always wear face covering masks (not just gaiters) while on CRYC property.
• The CRYC will consider disciplinary action to any sailor who violates the guidelines set forth, up to and including excusal from the Regatta and Club Property.

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