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Published on January 25th, 2022

Geoff Ewenson died unexpectedly at age 50 on October 14, 2020. He was both an elite sailor and contributor to the sport, and with Geoff’s passing, his wife Mary created the EWE Spirit Foundation to continue his legacy of sportsmanship, generosity, and compassion.

While EWE stickers and swag are keeping Geoff’s memory alive, Team EWE Spirit was in Key West for the 2022 Southernmost Regatta to raise awareness and funds, exceeding their fundraising goal of $25,000.

Facebook does a good job with memories too, and it was ten years ago when Geoff shared a rant which reflects his sense of community. Here he goes:

I am so sick of watching people stopped at traffic lights and blindly toss their cigarette out the window as if the world is their private ashtray. The next one I see, they’ll be surprised when I walk up and return their smoldering butt in through the window to let them know that they dropped something!

If you feel so strongly that it is your right to kill yourself slowly and at great expense, then please have the courtesy to keep it all to yourself.

Look out your window when you are at the next stoplight……does what you see look nice? Or does it resemble a small but growing trash heap that somebody else is now responsible for? As someone who lives near the water and sails on that water, I know where it all ends up. Not somewhere that I would care to swim in any more…

The catalyst for this little rant was a middle-aged woman with at least one child (in the back seat), a ton of political bumper stickers on her massive SUV who clearly thinks the world is hers to screw up.

Based on her bumper stickers, I can assume that there is no global warming, there is only one fair and balance form of news, and that all disaster is change! I would like to ask her if she is going to come back later to clean up her mess or if she expects our collective taxes to cover that cost?

Rant Complete!

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