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Sustainable superyacht of the future?

Published on June 27th, 2022

Forbes is famous for assessing wealth, which means Senior Contributor Bill Springer focuses on expensive boats. And as Robin Leach once famously said, “Nobody would watch Lifestyles of the Poor and the Unknown,” so it’s a good gig for Springer to follow the fancies of the champagne and caviar crowd.

In his latest report for Forbes, Springer is eagerly awaiting a ride on this otherworldly massive trimaran concept:

Pieter Van Geest of Van Geest Design is a yacht designer with broad practical experience in design, construction, engineering and planning of a wide range of production and custom yachts.

And Rob Doyle and his team of naval architects at Rob Doyle Design have been designing yachts in the superyacht sector for the last 30 years.

So, it’s no surprise to see these two firms collaborating on a new yacht concept. But I am surprised. In fact, I’m totally blown away by the radical new sailing trimaran concept they’ve unveiled.

Measuring 130-feet long and 114-feet-wide, their DOMUS trimaran concept looks unlike any other concept to be unveiled recently. And when you add the fact that DOMUS is also designed to utilize sail and solar power along with hydrogen fuel cells to be capable of unlimited range with zero emissions, this concept could revolutionize sustainable yachting as we know it today. – Full report

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