Innovation competition in France

Published on November 30th, 2022

The search for innovation, new practices, responsible performances, and alternatives motivates is led by the Federation of Nautical Industries (FIN) which has been organizing a national competition since 2017 at the Paris Boat Show.

The competition rewards innovation, putting ideas to be supported and businesses to be encouraged under the spotlight.

For the sixth edition, 16 finalists have been selected from 64 entries received, with these projects to be exhibited at the 2022 Paris Boat Show with the winners unveiled on December 10.

2022 Finalists:
Atelier Poupe (Bouches du Rhône) has developed a network for collecting old used boat fenders and transforming them into unique, custom-designed waterproof lighting.
Inanix (Ille-et-Vilaine) has developed the Dronvor drone, the first drone designed for boating. The only waterproof, floating drone, designed specifically for ocean racing, it ensures maximum safety for the skipper and the boat equipment.
Inocel (Isère), has developed technology following collaboration with the CEA. It is the first fuel cell module and its system (tanks, batteries and motor) developed for boats and land-based transport.
Genevos (Charente-Maritime) has designed the Hydrogen Power Modules, specifically for vessels with the key characteristics of modularity, redundancy, marine certification, low weight and volume and emission-free.
Les Glénans (headquartered in Paris), the leading sailing school in Europe, has designed a new medium that is both ecological, fun and inclusive. Secondary school pupils will be able to build their own boat and thus discover the different related trades.
K-Ren (Hérault), a company offering a breakthrough innovation with its tailor-made, anti-fouling protection boat cover, thereby avoiding costly, polluting and time- consuming annual careening, while reducing wear and tear on the boat.
Lalou Multi (Gironde): the team has built and launched the first Class40 ocean racing yacht in fully recyclable composite material. Proof that boats can be produced with a full life cycle whilst guaranteeing advantageous energy performances.
SAS Madintec (Finistère) has developed the MAD Foiling Concept, a secure, automated theft control system.
Marine Filter (Finistère) proposes a system of movable water filtering and treatment modules, thereby offering a movable shower with water and energy autonomy for rinsing with fresh water after swimming. The closed circuit system recycles the water at will.
Mercury Marine (Charente-Maritime) has designed a transportable electric motor, with the focus on portability. It is intended for small boats with no direct emissions and minimum servicing.
Meta Boatyard (Rhône), through its Turbo Keels project, has developed a solution to ballast lead from one side to the other and move the center of gravity without needing the complexity of a pendulum keel, allowing decarbonization of transport.
Ox Eye (Morbihan) is a specialist naval architecture start-up which is developing an innovative change to how boats are made to improve the inclusion of flax fibers, improve recyclability and reduce their carbon footprint as much as possible.
Périmètre (Charente-Maritime) has developed an eco-responsible hull de-yellower. It has developed a de-yellowing technology of gelcoats with modified acids that do not attack the material and render it porous. The product is also biodegradable.
Pixel sur mer (Morbihan) an ultra-innovative engineering firm specializing in the development and installation of high-tech products for racing, sailing, and more recently aviation. Their competing product is Exocet Gold, a new generation of boat control. Originally created for the largest racing boats, it is now suitable and designed for all latest-generation boats.
Rescue Zone (Bouches-du-Rhône): the company has designed the eponymous application, which is innovative (GIS engines) both technically and in terms of use, since it allows all pleasure boaters to help each other out and support and rescue each other via a geolocalized smartphone application.
Yuniboat (Loire-Atlantique). They specialize in extending the life of boats in an eco-circular logic: acquire and recondition second-hand boats before putting them back on hire.

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