The Boatyards of Broken Dreams

Published on February 9th, 2024

Gary Magwood wrote this while sitting in a boatyard full of unused sailboats…

There are many, many glossy magazines
That lure us into the world of broken dreams.

Cruising World and Sail, Gam on Yachting, The Cruising Life and more
All tell those tales of adventures galore
Lovely photos and glowing tales
Of exotic locations and sightings of whales.

The dream of standing upon a heaving deck
Drives us to work for 40 years, what the heck!
My reward will be all that I read in those magazines
That lure you into the world of broken dreams.

They lie scattered by the dozens, covered in grime and moss
Abandoned or for sale, never mind the loss
Why, you ask, would these dreams so eagerly formed
Become such a sad sight to all those not warned
About the time and effort and resources needed
To realize that dream, advice unheeded.

These dreams and plans apply to daily life
We struggle with an assumed career of strife
Instead of chasing what could provide content
We say those dreams are for the one percent.

Where are those adventures in glossy magazines?
They can be found in the boatyards of broken dreams.

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