No more weigh-ins for Melges 24 Class

Published on February 27th, 2024

The Melges 24 Class celebrated its 30th anniversary in 2023, and remains as groundbreaking today as it did in 1993. But how you sail the boat has evolved over the years, and for the crew that gut-hike off the lifelines today, not entirely for the better.

While changes to the Melges 24 Class Rules for 2024 won’t remove that abdomen agony, the removal of a maximum crew weight limit hopes to encourage more participation, make events more enjoyable, and make it easier to create teams.

The limit had been 375 kg (826.7 pounds), and this change removes the significant health and safety concerns related to crash dieting, which is often used for teams to make current weight restrictions.

On the number of crew, the previous rule only required three people, but has now been amended to limit the total to six persons. Additionally, all crew shall be identified in any entry list and result listing where the helmsperson, skipper or owner is identified.

Also, as the Class has no limits on Group 3 crew, and as there are a significant number of paid professional sailors earning income in events, they are now required to be Class Members to ensure they are fully invested in the Class.

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