From Tom Priest

Published on October 3rd, 2012

Two items jumped at me in Scuttlebutt 3688 that needed comment:

#1: In the letter’s section Roger Vaughan said, “This is not just about sailing. It reflects a national malaise. The concept of ‘risk,’ upon which this country was founded, has become a bad word in some ever-expanding circles.”

No truer words were ever spoken! That’s why/how we got to the moon in seven years back in the 60’s and now it would take DECADES to get back there (there is absolutely no appetite for risk.)

#2: Curmudgeon’s Observation: “Do women really think that giving their spouse the ‘silent treatment’ is punishment?”

Shhhhhhhh! Are you crazy?!? THAT is a married-dude’s well-kept secret…thus far!

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