Larry Ellison and Miley Cyrus Twerk at the America’s Cup

Published on August 29th, 2013

By Craig Leweck, Scuttlebutt
Sorry, the headline isn’t true. We’re just trying to get views. Follow along.

Among the significant obstacles for defender Oracle Team USA in the 34th America’s Cup has not been the Challengers, nor the naysayers in the sport or the City of San Francisco. No, what the team has had to overcome is their owner, Larry Ellison. From what I gather, the man is not widely liked in San Francisco.

Hosting the America’s Cup in a City where the team owner is not beloved, has made life hard for organizers. Every contribution from the City has been scrutinized; every fundraising dollar hard earned. Let Larry write the check, they say.

It is hard to forget about Larry. News headlines report on his every move…

Larry Ellison says Apple’s best days are over
Larry Ellison buys another Malibu home
Larry Ellison approves of NSA surveillance
Larry Ellison buys Hawaiian island
Larry Ellison says Google copied Oracle
Larry Ellison buys airline

Interestingly (or not?), the America’s Cup headlines rarely include Larry’s name. I mentioned this to Oracle Team USA CEO Russell Coutts, who reminded me that Larry is a pretty busy guy. Clearly, or so I presumed, given all the other headlines. So it was notable (I thought), that when Larry does make AC news headlines, it’s not good…

Did Larry Ellison cheat in the America’s Cup?
Will Larry Ellison’s Ego Capsize the America’s Cup?
Larry Ellison’s team caught cheating the Americas Cup World Series
Larry Ellison’s Oracle Racing Accused Of Spying To Gain America’s Cup
How Larry Ellison Is Destroying the America’s Cup
Larry Ellison’s America’s Cup Racing Team Just Confessed To Breaking The Rules
How Larry Ellison Sabotaged His Own America’s Cup Party

Welcome to the Internet. Combining Larry’s name with a news story increases views. Combining his name with bad news guarantees more views. And then imagine if the headline to this story was true.

After Miley Cyrus’ twerking performance at the VMAs, this could be just what it takes for the America’s Cup to grow its audience. But I hope not.

Update: The International Jury delayed the date of the Article 60 hearing for Oracle Team USA from August 29 to August 30. This hearing is in regard to the illegal tampering of three AC45s that were under the team’s control during the AC World Series. The International Jury has also indicated that no public decision is anticipated in either the Rule 69 hearings or the Article 60 hearing before early next week.

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