Online Event Communication Toolbox

Published on February 5th, 2014

There are now high expectations as to what people expect to find online. Having an online presence for prominent events has become a required aspect of hosting events with broad appeal. Here are the tools of the trade.

Press release:
This is a simple as sending an email to a list of people. Your distribution list might need categories (media, class members, etc.). A distribution schedule should be devised, and a purpose given to each press release. You will want to announce your event, provide information during the event, and provide a wrap up following the event.

Social media:
Setting up an event Facebook page helps to create interest in the event. While it should not be the primary source of information, it does allow people to easily share information. This page must be active to be effective. Once an event starts, organizers can use Facebook to provide occasional updates and to post daily photos and video. Twitter is very good for live updating during race days, and a widget can be integrated into the event website.

The use of press releases and social media will help to draw an audience to the website, which will provide a valued archive of information during the event and after. Information to include (in order of priority):

Race documents – The NOR and SI’s provide advance competitor information, and explain the event rules for interested viewers during the event. Be sure to also post changes to the race documents.

Results – Post promptly with time and date stamp. Some events post scores after each race. State they are preliminary, and then update each day when final. Results should be formatted so they can be copied and pasted into press releases or for media use.

Live updating – Twitter works well, and can be incorporated into the website. People can either follow on Twitter, or they can get update at the event website.

Event reports – Create a template prior to the event that follows an informational format, and includes event branding. Provide promptly by email and post simultaneously on event website. Each posting should have a unique online link. Distribute to media, class members, etc. Have a method for people to get added to distribution list.

Photos/Video – Have a plan so content can be easily and quickly added.


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