Checklist for providing event communication

Published on July 17th, 2014

The commitment toward event communication depends on the importance of the event, with prominent events now requiring updates to be provided. The information below is listed in order of importance. Three people would be needed if you intend to include all four areas in your plan.

Daily press releases:
Someone needs to be dedicated to this task so as to promptly distribute as soon as preliminary results are available. The release can be detailed, including quotes, or provide only the essential facts from the day, and any relevant information from the event. They should include at least one feature photo, but ideally more, and links to additional information. Do not wait to include video links as that will dramatically delay the distribution.

Daily press releases need image(s), as does social media. The focus again is providing prompt information so no more than five photos for the press release. More images can be posted to the event website, and a daily gallery can be posted to Facebook, perhaps even from the water.

Course updates:
Have a dedicated person on the course, with a local phone, to tweet the top 3-5 boats at each mark rounding as well as basic information: when each race starts, when it ends, when the day of racing is done, plus the conditions during the day (ie, weather, wind, current, etc.). This information engages fans during the day, and can be auto-posted to Facebook if desired. The information also facilitates the editing of the daily press release.

Short video interviews:

Typically a two minute video clip asking them a few questions that can be uploaded direct to Facebook, or uploaded to YouTube which allows it to be hosted by more sources. This can be done with a phone, camera with video, etc.

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