Stanley Paris aborts second record attempt

Published on December 28th, 2014

American Stanley Paris had several goals in mind when he began his solo non-stop around the world attempt on December 2, 2013 from St. Augustine, Florida…

– Set a reference for time from St Augustine, FL
– Set a reference for time from Bermuda
– Set a reference for age (was then 76 years)
– Set a reference for energy (green mode, using no hydrocarbons)

However, on January 11, approx. 1,700 miles west of Cape Town, he reported that his boat had failed, and his attempt had ended. Paris was sailing his custom-built 63-foot Kiwi Spirit, which was designed by Farr Yacht Design and constructed by Lyman-Morse Boatbuilding.

Embarking on a second attempt at age 77 years (08/13/37), Paris departed November 9, 2014 from St. Augustine, believing that Kiwi Spirit was ready this time.

But apparently it was not. Here is an update from Paris on December 25th…
Once again my attempt to complete a solo circumnavigation has come to an end. On Christmas Eve, the top quarter of the mainsail separated along a seam from the rest of the sail. This is not repairable by me at sea and given the gales I can expect before I round the tip of South Africa, it is once again not advisable to continue.

This is of course a big disappointment to me and to many who have wished me well. But that is life. I have never let difficulties get in my way of trying something worthwhile. I am always aware that failure can occur but I have never let the fear of failure deter or prevent me from trying. To do so would be to accept mediocrity and that I will never do.

Now I head for Cape Town, South Africa where once again repairs will be undertaken and later a crew will bring Kiwi Spirit, such a wonderful boat, back to the United States.

I am 680 miles from Cape Town and expect to be there in about five days going quite slow to conserve a limited fuel supply.

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