20 reasons why sailors are the best people to travel with

Published on February 3rd, 2015

1. Sailors are used to packing light.
There’s not much storage space on boats, so things have to get stowed in tiny lockers. Soft-sided waterproof bags are standard gear. Your travel buddy won’t take up a lot of space in the car or hotel and you won’t be waiting on them at baggage claim either. More time to get out of the airport and start enjoying the holiday!

2. They will never complain about sleeping conditions.
Sailors are used to sleeping in small bunks, or on deck with or without a cushion. You won’t find them complaining about the hostel beds or sleeping bag. Long flights and long layovers, no problem, they can pretty much sleep anywhere sitting up.

3. Likewise, you will never have to hear them whine about bathroom conditions.
Sailors are used to doing their business in a variety of conditions. Most sailors have a method for hanging on to something while underway and getting the job done…overboard. That toilet in Thailand or India where you stand up or crouch down over the facilities, no prob.

4. Sailors know how to maximize limited time like quick train/bus stops or flight layovers.
Due to anchors dragging or getting off the dock before paying big fees, sailors can find the nearest store and get back lickity-split. Think Amazing Race for beer and food.

5. They will show you how to avoid tourist traps.
Sailors can quickly assess new locations and determine where and what the tourist traps are and how to avoid them, because ports are usually littered with them.

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