Extreme Sailing Series reveals record media coverage

Published on April 16th, 2015

(April 16, 2015) – For the eighth consecutive year, creators and organisers of the Extreme Sailing Series™, OC Sport, have confirmed another record breaking year for the original and only Stadium Racing series, as independent media evaluation agency Havas Sports & Entertainment report €44 million in global media value for 2014.

The Extreme Sailing Series is now in its ninth year, with the 2015 tour travelling to eight venues through Asia, Europe, and Australia. The platform used is the one design Extreme 40 catamaran, with the format highlighting ‘stadium’ short-course racing in front of the public.

The 2014 figures show a 25.3% increase in global media exposure compared to 2013, with TV exposure accountable for 57% of the overall final figure across all levels of output. Live TV coverage in seven of the eight global venues visited in 2014, as well as internationally, year round coverage in dedicated sports and sailing magazine shows, news and the dedicated eight-part TV series are all attributable for this increase.

Early signs in 2015 suggest this reach is set to increase again, with the signing of UK broadcaster, BT Sport, the UK pay-TV broadcaster, to broadcast the official TV series, reinforcing the Series position as the most widely distributed annual TV series in sailing, according to Sunset+Vine, a leading independent supplier of sports programming to broadcasters around the world.

Print media has seen a growth in the number of articles published representing a value of over €10 million, while online values have increased by almost 50%. As expected, territories hosting one of the eight Extreme Sailing Series Acts received exceptional coverage, with the highest values reported in France, China, Russia, Singapore and the UK. The Series also significantly raised its profile outside of these territories, notably in the United Sates and Germany, highlighting the worldwide appeal of the Series.

As highlighted by Havas Sports & Entertainment, media exposure does not, on its own, provide a complete reflection of sponsorship value, although it continues to be an important facet. The report highlights that sponsorship of the Series is a highly cost-effective marketing investment, delivering a favourable rate of return to the Sponsors, Teams and Host Venues with a unique B2B VIP experience including the guest sailor position, the association with the Series elite profile and unique reach to spectators in venues of commercial interest around the world.

Andy Tourell, Extreme Sailing Series Event Director commented, “Media coverage is fundamental to underpinning the key values of the circuit, which includes premium B2B VIP experience and the Stadium Racing format that captivates the public. The continued growth in global media value highlights the Series has not only set down strong foundations with sailing fans, but, over the past nine years through positive steps to break new ground, reaching out to new venues, new media channels and new territories, the Series has strengthened its position as the only annual Stadium Sailing tour and a benchmark as a sponsor-funded global circuit.”

To receive a copy of the 2014 independent media evaluation report: media@extremesailingseries.com.

Key statistics for 2014 global media coverage:
– 1,046 print articles at a total value of €10,411,504
– 5,415 online articles at a total value of €3,764,213
– 779 online video clips at a total value of €343,739
– Over 519 hours of TV broadcast footage at a total value of €25,496,631
– Unmonitored coverage (assumed 10%) at a total value of €4,001,609*
– Total overall value for global coverage €44,017,697

* Whilst the monitoring programme will pick up the vast majority of the coverage generated, it is recognised that there will be some omissions due to coverage happening outside of the set monitoring program. Therefore, Havas Sports & Entertainment include a further element, on top of the monitored coverage, to account for the unmonitored coverage at an estimated and conservative 10%.


Report by Extreme Sailing Series™

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