Undaunted and More Badass Than Ever

Published on April 19th, 2015

by Bill Springer, Swizzle Media
My heart sank a little when I saw Sharon Green’s photos of the 40-foot Gunboat G4 that capsized in the last race of Les Volies de St Barth 2015 on Saturday (Apr 18). That’s because after the magical three days I spent flying on the G4 recently, I’ve become attached to this adrenaline-pumping/category busting/never-seen-before-speed-machine that’s also equipped with a fridge and a kitchen sink.

I felt for the crew. And I felt for all the folks at Gunboat and Holland Composites. And I felt for whoever was at the helm when they sailed up to–and then over–the edge.

But then I realized, there’s nothing to be bummed about. In fact, in purely scientific terms, something like this provides as much, if not more useful data than simply drag racing under the sunny skies off the ultra-swanky beaches of St Barths could ever reveal.

I wasn’t aboard, (sounds crazy but I really wish I was), so I’m just going by what the folks who were there have said but, for me, learning that a boat like this is so well-built and well-engineered that it can recover from a full capsize with minimal damage (except for some cell phones, some battens, and maybe a bit of pride to the crew) is simply amazing. They know where the edge is. They’ve experienced it. And gone 180 degrees over it, and bingo, they’re back up and will be foiling in no time.

I mean check Sharon’s amazing photos out. Look at the foils. And the rudders. And the mast. And the rigging. And the main. All intact after what must have been a pretty abrupt stop. Totally amazing.

Click here for full report, photos, and video.

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