Laser Masters’ World Championships 2015

Published on July 18th, 2015

The 2015 Laser Masters’ World Championships was held July 12-18 in Kingston, Ontario. With 138 sailors in Standard Rig and 109 sailors in Radial Rig, sailing in age divisions from 35 years to 75 and over, the seven day schedule included one layday and one day when the wind was too light for racing.

Entry is restricted to experienced sailors who, on 10 July 2015, are aged as follows;
35 to 44 – Laser Standard Apprentice or Laser Radial Apprentice
45 to 54 – Laser Standard Master or Laser Radial Master
55 to 64 – Laser Standard Grand Master or Laser Radial Grand Master
65 and over – Laser Standard Great Grand Master
65 to 74 – Laser Radial Great Grand Master
75 and over – Laser Radial 75 and over

Adonis Bougiouris of Greece wins the Laser Standard Apprentice title at the 2015 Laser Masters’ World Champions. Bougiouris did not need to sail any races today, as his finishes yesterday allowed him to remain in 1st without racing the last two races. He is followed by New Zealand’s Matt Blakey in 2nd and Great Britain’s Paul Scullion in 3rd.

Brett Beyers of Australia is the Laser Standard Master Division winner, Peter Hurley, United States, finishes 2nd and Ari Barshi, Dominican, finishes 3rd.

In the Laser Standard Grand Masters Division, Peter Shope of the United States is the Champion. Canadian Andrew Roy finishes in 2nd and American Mark Bear in 3rd.

Australia’s Mark Bethwaite wins the Laser Standard Great Grand Master Division. Alan Keen of South Africa comes in a very close second, tying in points with Bethwaite. He is followed by New Zealand’s Robert Blakey in 3rd.

Scott Leith of New Zealand is the Radial Apprentice Champion. He is followed by Australia’s Zac Skulander in 2nd and Great Britain’s Steven SmithIMX_18440 in 3rd.

Erika Vines of Canada is the female Radial Apprentice Champion. American Keith Davids is the winner of the Radial Masters division, followed by Ian Jones, Great Britain, in 2nd and Joao Ramos of Brazil in 3rd.

Kimberly Couranz, United States, is the winner of the female Master Division.

In the Radial Grand Master Division, Canadian Al Clark wins the title at the 2015 Laser Masters’ World Champions. He is followed by Terry Scutcher, Great Britain, in 2nd and Robert Britten, Canada, in 3rd.

The winner of the Grand Master female division is Canadian Paule Samson.

Australia’s Robert Lowndes wins the Radial Great Grand Master Division. Bill Smyes, United States, finishes 2nd and Keith Wilkins of Great Britain finishes 3rd.

Hilary Thomas is the female Great Grand Master champion.

In the 75 and over division, Peter Seidenberg of the United States wins his 11th World Championship. Canadian Johan Van Rossem finishes in 2nd and New Zealand’s Michael Shields finishes 3rd, and Deirdre Webster is the female champion.

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