Consistency at Chubb US Junior Sailing Champs

Published on August 5th, 2015

Osterville, Mass. (August 5, 2015) – All three Championship fleets finished another three races on Nantucket Sound Wednesday afternoon. Thursday represents an opportunity for over 100 young sailors to improve their position in the standings and work on their skills and teamwork at the 2015 Chubb U.S. Junior Sailing Championships.

Following a morning postponement due to light wind, boats launched from Wianno Yacht Club at around 11:00 am as the sea breeze came in. The Club 420 fleet started racing at 12:30 pm and the Wianno Seniors started racing at 12:45 pm. The Byte CIIs started at 1:15 pm. Early in the day, sailors raced in a steady 7 to 10 knots, building throughout the afternoon.

U.S. Junior Singlehanded Championship – Smythe Trophy – Byte CII

Sam Morrell has consistently placed in the top five through nine races. Improving with every race, Morrell saved his best for last by earning three consecutive wins to take a one point lead. Joseph Hou won the first four races of the regatta, and remains in the hunt for the Smythe Trophy.
Current Standings: Top 5
1. Sam Morrell, St. Thomas Yacht Club, [5]-2-3-2-1-4-1-1-1- ; 15
2. Joseph Hou, Newport Harbor Yacht Club, 1-1-1-1-2-2-5-[7]-3- ; 16
3. Jack Bitney, Minnetonka Yacht Club, 6-3-2-[18]-5-1-7-5-5- ; 34T
4. Gerard Eastman, Seawanhaka Corinthian YC, 3-4-9-[10]-7-3-2-4-2- ; 34T
5. Talia Toland, Seattle Yacht Club, 9-5-7-4-4-8-[10]-3-4- ; 44

U.S. Junior Doublehanded Championship – Bemis Trophy – Club 420
Jack McGraw and Dot Obel remain on top with a ten point lead over Will Martens and J. Noble Reynoso. Both teams finished strong today. McGraw and Obel haven’t placed worse than sixth through nine races. Martens and Reynoso have bounced back after a slow start Monday.
Current Standings – Top 5
1. Jack McGraw/Dot Obel, Southwestern Yacht Club, 1-[6]-1-2-6-2-1-2-4- ; 19
2. Will Martens/J. Noble Reynoso, SFYC, [21/DSQ]-2-4-3-14-1-2-1-2- ; 29
3. Mark Davies/Graceann Nicolosi, Chicago Yacht Club, 6-1-5-[12]-4-11-6-3-1- ; 37
4. Kyle Mergenthaler/Andrew Dodd, Lake Norman Yacht Club, 14-[21/OCS]-3-6-11-5-3-5-8- ; 55
5. Timothy Greenhouse/Jack DeNatale, Wadawanuck Club, 7-12-6-1-1-15-9-6-[19]- ; 57

U.S. Junior Quadruplehanded Championship – Sears Cup – Wianno Senior
Dane Byerly, Howdy Hughes, Collin Scoville, and Carson Shields are running away with the Sears Cup. They have won five of nine races, including the final two races Wednesday to take a 19-point lead. The Judges Trophy, awarded to the second place team, will be on the line Thursday. There are several teams still in contention for this trophy.
Current Standings: Top 5
1. Dane Byerly/Collin Scoville/Howdy Hughes/Carson Shields, Lakewood YC, 1-[9]-1-1-2-6-2-2-1-1- ; 17
2. Reid Shanabrook/William Bedford/Grant Adam/Benjamin Pitman, Pleon YC, [9]-4-4-3-8-5-1-5-3-3- ; 36
3. Jacob Seicshnaydre/Dawson Doucet/Grant Kalil/Mallory Edwards, GYC, 6-3-2-5-3/SCP-3-[8]-3-6-8- ; 39
4. Charlie Hibben/CJ McKenna/William Cannistraro/Morgan Farber, Wianno YC, 2-1-5-2-5/SCP-2-5-7-[11]-11- ; 40
5. Sammy Shea/Nolan Van Dine/Chloe Bohannon/Jackson Ritter, San Francisco YC, 5-5-7-4-5-4-6-6-[9]-2- ; 4

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