VIDEO: Training for the #blokartworlds

Published on March 7th, 2016

Video published by Scott Young on Mar 6, 2016:
This video shows Patty, Dean, Gary and me sailing our Blokarts on the “edge” at Ivanpah in California, one month before the 2016 Blokart World Championship.

It was an incredible day of sailing. The wind blew 18-25mph with higher gusts throughout the day. A couple of Mantas came by to mix it up with us. They didn’t stay around long, once our speedy Blokarts started to engage them!

I’m so glad I bought a Blokart and not some other “want-a-be” kart, that handles like a produce truck! Performance, reliability and safety, is what Paul Beckett must of had on his mind, when he designed and produced the Blokart!

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