Bacardi Mixes Well With Today’s Weather

Published on March 11th, 2016

Miami, FL (March 11, 2016) – After strong winds kept all but the J/70s ashore yesterday, it was a beautiful day in paradise today for Race Day 5 of Bacardi Cup and Race Day 2 of the BACARDI Miami Sailing Week Presented by EFG. Races were held in another southeasterly breeze that started as 15-18 knots in the morning and slowly died throughout the day to 10-12 knots by the afternoon.

Star – The Star fleet completed two races today to get back on schedule for the overall six race series. Italians Diego Negri and Sergio Lambergenhi (ITA 8497) won both races and are now tied with Germans Robert Stanjek and Frithjof Kleen (GER 8320) for the lead with seven points overall. Augie Diaz and Bruno Prada (USA 8465) sit in third place overall after todays races with 14 points but with a Black Flag in their score line from Race 4.

Sergio Lambertenghi noted that the fleet was aggressive today on the starting line drawing a general recall and a black flag start as well as around the course. “We were very fast today but it took a lot of hard work, especially downwind. Because of the chop, we had to work the boat really hard thought the waves to keep our boat speed up all the time,” said Lambertenghi, “this was our main focus today.”

J/70 – Julian Fernandez Neckelmann (MEX 384) and Carlo Alberini (ITA 456) continued to dominate the fleet throughout all three races today and currently sit in first place with 8 points and second place with 9 points, respectively. Peter Duncan (USA 49) jumped up to third place overall with 21 points.

Maintaining consistency in a fleet as strong and large as the J/70 is paramount to success but is no easy task. Today, there were no major shifts or tactical gains that helped Julien Fernandez Neckelmann and his team stay in the top. “We’re fast so it is nice to be able to rely on that. Getting good starts, having good communication throughout the day from morning, during the races, and debriefs at night.”

“We also like to stay close to the guys that we need to pass on the run. We are the fastest boat downwind in the fleet but a few teams can match out speed upwind so on the runs is where we make back most of our gains. It is also important to stay out of trouble on the starting line and around the marks.”

“But the most important part of our strategy is that we are always fighting, even if were are in first place. We never take a break during the race; it’s not over until you cross the finish line.”

Viper 640 – Five races were completed on the Viper 640/VX One course today that equated to about 20 miles worth of sailing in some very tricky conditions. In the Viper 640 fleet, Lawrence Crispin and his team Bubbles (USA 243) made a strong statement this afternoon, finishing the day at the top of the fleet with an 11 point lead. Mark Griffith and his team Old School Racing (AUS 183) are currently tied for second with 2015 Viper Winter Series Champion Zeke Horowitz and team Cunning-Carla (USA 172).

“The conditions were very dynamic today and the fleet has a lot of depth so it is hard to stay consistent.
The fleet here at this even is the most competitive the Class has seen at any event so far. It will be hard event but we’re looking forward to it and we’re having a great time,” said Zeke Horowitz (USA 172).

VX One – As for the VX One fleet, Marcus Eagan (USA 177) in first with 8 points followed by John Potter (USA 187) in a close second with 9 points overall and Rod Favela (USA 110) in third with 27 points.

“Today was a great day with strong breeze and with a highly competitive field,” said Eagen. “We had great downwind legs with tactics and speed. It was a bit tiring with five races in one breezy day. But I guess we made up from yesterday. Today was simply one of those days to be on the water all day and we fully enjoyed it.”

Potter added, “today was also a bit challenging with big shifts and big puffs. The VX One is a fast boat, probably the fastest after the Cats, great planning and look forward to going out again tomorrow.”

A-Cat – The A-Cats began the day postponed on shore once again but finally made it out to the race course around 2 pm to sail three races. Sixteen year old Bailey White (USA 320) leads the event after winning all three races this afternoon with 70 year old Woody Cope (USA350) right behind, who finished second in all three races, and Tracy Oliver (USA 135) in third place with three third place finishes.

“Let me say that the Race Committee was great, we had a really nice day with great conditions. Chop was not bad and good wind, a perfect mix. It was my first time trying the new boom and it worked great, actually it helped. I won the three races and Woody Cope got three seconds; impressive if you think he is 68 years old! We have a 70 year old and a 16 year old sailor on the same course, I find this very impressive. Looking forward to another great day in Miami tomorrow.”

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