Heemskerk dominates A-Cat Worlds

Published on June 22nd, 2016

Medemblik, The Netherlands (June 22, 2016) – The 2016 ‘A’ Class Catamaran World Championships in Medemblik, Holland, continued today, completing two more races, after the races were postponed on the first day, and two races completed yesterday.

The format is this; the fleet of 116 boats is split into two. Then, a ceding is applied using the finish position of a previous World Championships for the top sailors and those sailors are split between the two fleets, as are remaining the normal people, and named Blue and Yellow fleets. Two races take place back to back for each fleet on the same course, morning and afternoon.

The next day, they are shuffled again, basically so the top sailors get put equally in each fleet, and it is repeated. Then on day 3, the Gold and Silver fleets will be sorted from the results and they then race in those fleets until enough races have been completed to form a championship. Unfortunately, three Argentinian sailors didn’t check which fleets they were in, and sailed in the wrong races, getting a DNS for both. Lessons learned there for everyone.

The interest this year is that two of the main ‘A’ cat manufacturers have got brand new boats out. Not just remodeled or updated, but completely new designs. The Polish Exploder factory has their AD3, designed by Spanish designer Gonzalo Rodondo. This boat has benefited from the fast design to production times Exploder manage to achieve so is utilizing their latest foil and rudder designs.

The boat is now, as a result, much more stable on the foils, and will foil in lighter winds earlier than the older designs. It has an improved aero package with a twin trampoline and lower beams. It also benefits from being the cheaper of the new boats at €13600 + vat for the platform (Hulls rudders, boards ect). The other new arrival is the radical looking Dutch built DNA F1. This is real stealth looking machine, a look exaggerated by the clear coated black carbon finish.

They too have really concentrated on the across and under the tramp wind flow, and has very few exposed fittings. It has a stiff carbon fabric tramp, aerodynamic rudder bar and aerodynamic carbon shaped front and rear beams. It is really a thing of beauty, and would grace any motor show. This one will cost you €21000 +VAT.

After racing today, in 15kts of wind in the morning for the Yellow fleet, and 6-8kts or so for the Blue afternoon fleet, Mischa Heemskerk (NED) leads with four bullets. The throw-out has been implemented, one race has been discarded, leaving Heemskerk with 3 points, he leads Darren (Bundy) Bundock by 1 point.

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