Adam Werblow: Knights, Pros, and College Sailing

Published on June 27th, 2016


Adam Werblow

Adam Werblow just completed his 28th season as the head sailing coach of the St. Mary’s College of Maryland. During his tenure, the team has amassed 15 national titles, while Seahawk sailors have earned over 150 individual All-America honors. Previously recognized as Developmental Coach of the Year by the U.S. Sailing’s Olympic Sailing Committee, Werblow offers comments in Sail1Design to some contemporary questions…

If you could “Knight” three American sailors, who would they be?
• Carl Buchan
• Paul Foerester
• Jonathan McKee

Are pro sailors ruining or saving one-design sailing in fleets like the J/70, Etchells, etc?
Racing against the very best people is fun. The fact that there are people in our sport in a variety of classes who dedicate themselves to elite performance is terrific. But the manner in which “professionals” has developed in our sport has forced me to ask the question. . . “What if Jerry Jones wanted to be the quarterback of the Dallas Cowboys instead of just the owner and general manager?”

The obvious answer would be that could never happen because the product on the field would be significantly diminished. Why, therefore, is it okay in competitive sailing for the least talented and experienced person on the boat to be on the helm?

Many people, including players, say that Pro Football will be gone in 25 years. Where will college sailing be in 25 years?
The best thing about College Sailing are the college sailors. Sailors traditionally have a strong belief in the value of education–intellectual curiosity is inherently valuable to success in our sport. The founders of College Sailing wisely recognized the value of higher education yet wanted people to enjoy competing at the highest levels of our sport while they attended college.

Our short course format and passion for team racing has made for an intense game that is fun for all involved. In recent years, college sailing has become better funded, more competitive and yet, the essential core mission remains the same–study first and sail next.

Full report… click here.

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