Nacra 17 Class to Recommend Full Foiling

Published on October 23rd, 2016

Newly introduced for the 2016 Olympic Games, the Nacra 17 class got launched in 2012 just prior to design developments that now allow similar sized catamarans to fully foil. With the Rio Olympics completed, the class has been testing configurations which would allow the Nacra 17 to join the foiling generation.

With early tests proving positive, class members assembled on October 19 for an electronic Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM). The three topics debated were:
a) an update to the class constitution
b) advertising
c) whether or not class members recommend full foiling for 2020 Olympics or not

A presentation covering the proposed changes to equipment, pricing, and procedure was shown to 50 members in attendance over the course of 2 hours. Details of how the boats would be made stronger and more consistent, two issues that had plagued the boats, were included. Also shown was three pricing options for a mk 2 Nacra 17 was presented which can be downloaded here.

The three options for equipment going forward are:
a) Retrofit a mk1 boat to go full foiling for 7,900 euros.
b) Buying a new platform for 14,500 euros, retaining the ability to sell the mk1 platform for a next cost of about 7500 euros.
c) Buying a new boat for 24,250 euros, an increase of about 2000 euros from the mk1 price.

Following the presentation was a discussion with questions and answers from class members and leadership. At the close of meeting, voting was opened to class members. Eighty-nine members voted from the total membership of 132, above the 40% threshold required to form a quorum. All of the motions passed, with the advertising and constitution motions receiving 87% support or higher. The major question of whether to recommend to World Sailing whether Nacra 17 should go fully foiling for the 2020 Olympics or not was a closer vote, but ultimately passed 48 votes to 33, for a 59% support level.

As such, the Nacra 17 class has sent a letter to the head of the Equipment Committee of World Sailing with the class recommendation. Class president, Marcus Spillane, will convey this position at the World Sailing Conference next month in Barcelona. Equipment of the updated configuration will become available following confirmation from World Sailing Conference of their position on the matter. Teams wishing to get onto the waiting list for mk2 equipment should be in contact with the Nacra Sailing head office.

Source: Nacra 17 class


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