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Working Together at Caribbean Annual Conference

Published on October 27th, 2016

The Caribbean Sailing Association (CSA) held its Annual Conference on October 21 to 23 to discuss the sport of sailing and how the economic benefits it brings to the region can continue to be improved.

Held on the west coast of Antigua, incumbent President Kathy Lammers, also Chairman of the Regatta Organising Committee for Antigua Sailing Week, was voted back in to lead the organisation for a further year.

Alongside Kathy will remain Past President Peter Holmberg, and directors Pam Fuller (Treasurer), Mike Green and Alison Sly-Adams (Vice Presidents). Newly elected directors include Mei Ling Evan-Wong (Secretary), Vice Presidents Ian Hope Ross and Mark Theron and Chief Measurer Bastien Pouthier who will also act as Chief Technical Officer.

Of her re-appointment Lammers says: “The Caribbean Sailing Association has grown and progressed over the past several years and we are very proud of its many achievements. It’s a privilege to work alongside so many dedicated and hard-working people – members and co-directors alike – and I look forward to working together to progress our many projects in the coming year.”


A little bit of Caribbean Sailing history (left to right): Geoffrey Pidduck, Cary Lee Byerley, Robbie Ferron, Kathy Lammers, and Peter Holmberg – the current and four previous presidents of the CSA.

The CSA Annual Conference provides a unique opportunity to bring regatta organisers, Caribbean Sailing Association (CSA) Rating Rule measurers, race officials, Member National Authorities, yacht club managers and youth sailing co-ordinators together for a weekend of discussion, education and inspiration.

One of the major outcomes of this year’s meeting was the further endorsement of the importance of regional sailing development and support of youth programmes.

The members clearly see a need to assist in support and coordination of sailing at the grassroots level because it’s a great opportunity for regattas and clubs to give back to the communities in which they operate with the positive outcome of increasing home grown Caribbean sailors who will get involved in the sport either recreationally or as a career, which can only strengthen the sport in the region.

Members agree that coordination of the international events calendar continues to be used as a best practice model across the world for how a region can work together and promote its events as a single voice. Calendar Committee Chair Peter Holmberg says of the calendar: “Each event has its own dates on the calendar allowing it to maximise participation and hence ultimately deliver economic growth to each of our island nations while providing a five-year planning calendar for race campaign managers.”

Bastien Pouthier was elected Chief Measurer by the measurers group. Measurer discussions at the Conference identified the need to restructure operations within the measurers group. Bastien will be assisted by a board of ‘elders’ from the measurers group who will act as his advisory team. The team comprises Sandy Mair, David Walworth, Bob Phillips and outgoing Chief Measurer Jeffrey Chen. The measurers also discussed a number of improvements to be made to administration of the CSA Rating Rules in time for the racing season ahead, all of which will be announced in the coming weeks.

A number of presentations over the course of the weekend provided food for thought and offered challenges to the regatta organisers. They included sponsorship presentations by David Pritchard of Gill North America, Pascale Sold of Remy-Cointreau, Robyn Albritton of Sailors for the Sea and professional sailor Peter Holmberg.

The 2017 conference will once again be held in Antigua over the weekend of October 13–15.

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