Freedom Isn’t Free

Published on November 2nd, 2016

With the 12 Meter Freedom stuck on the rocks on October 31 near Greenwich Harbor in Connecticut, the photos of the incident – showing a filthy white bottom – prompted the following Facebook comments

• Good time for a bottom job.
• Freedom isn’t free!
• Time to find a new diver to clean the bottom.
• You gotta pay attention when your feet start itching!
• Pay peanuts and you sail with monkeys.
• I say there, can you pass the Grey Poupon?
• No, I thought you were steering!
• Boot stripe is a little high.
• The hazards of texting and driving!
• This rock was not here before!
• Freedom is just another word for nothing left to lose.
• You should see the other side.
• People with white bottoms should make a diver their friend.
• DC gonna be pissed.
• It looked okay on the plotter.
• Tide waits for no man or men.
• Should have perfected that foiling jibe before trying in shallow water.
• Always clean your underwear – never know when you’ll be struck by a reef.
• Aw, it’ll buff right out.
• I’m no good to anyone until I’ve had my first cup of coffee.
• Good news! … I think we finally found a loophole in the ‘Displacement vs. Waterline Length’ part of the Twelve Meter Rule!

And our favorite…

Honey, I’m gonna be a bit late for dinner…

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