Strategic Change at Ullman Sails International

Published on December 15th, 2016

(December 15, 2016) – Ullman Sails has announced that Kelly Buchan and Craig Millar have been named Chief Executive Officers of the regional divisions of Ullman Sails International, Inc., the licensing company of the Ullman Sails group, assigned to oversee operations in the group’s major geographic markets.

Buchan is Regional CEO of the Ullman Sails-West division, which encompasses all business in the Americas and the Caribbean markets. Millar is Regional CEO of the Ullman Sails-East division, which includes all business in Europe, Asia Pacific and Africa.

This strategic change ensures Ullman Sails International, Inc. continues to provide coordinated and specialized service and support to the group’s expanding international network while also more directly taking into account national identities, customs, local business practices, and time differences.

“Craig and Kelly are absolutely the right people to oversee our regional growth and strategic initiatives for the Ullman Sails group,” said Ullman Sails President David Ullman. “More and more the sailing industry requires special sensitivity to cultural identities, histories, and industry practices that vary drastically market to market. Both Craig and Kelly have demonstrated continued leadership within our organization and proven their ability to successfully address and adapt to these differences in our marketplace.”

Buchan, previously Vice President and General Manager, has been with Ullman Sails since 2007 where she has managed the Ullman Sails’ brand, overseen group operations, and coordinated significant initiatives through the company’s longest and largest period of sustained growth. Her management and engagement with the group’s lofts has shaped Ullman Sails’ path and she continues to drive growth, collaboration, and communication world-wide.

”I am deeply humbled and excited to take on the leadership of Ullman Sails in the Americas and the Caribbean markets,” said Buchan. “This is a key strategic move for Ullman Sails – our network of lofts and experts is growing rapidly. Our senior leadership is now better positioned to respond to our lofts’ needs, capitalize on region-specific opportunities, and deliver even better products and service to our customers.”

Millar, who joined Ullman Sails in 2013 as the group’s Vice President of Business Development, founded the prominent South African aluminum welding firm Aluweld in 1987, and has extensive business experience including financial management consulting. Millar has been instrumental in the group’s development path, helping to manage the group’s expansion, developing key internal systems, and overseeing the group’s one design program.

“I am delighted to be given the opportunity to lead Ullman Sails in the European, Asia Pacific and African geographic markets and look forward to the challenge,” said Millar. “This change has unlocked the group’s potential by allowing greater focus on specific geographical and business cultural zones and is the most significant step forward since the introduction of Ullman Sails South Africa to the group.”

Ullman Sails, founded in 1967, has over 70 locations in 29 countries. –

Source: Ullman Sails

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