America’s Cup: How Fan Are You?

Published on May 23rd, 2017

Whatever your sport is, there is generally that one event that you can look to that shines brightest. For the athlete, it is their greatest victory. For the fan, it must be witnessed.

But sailing is not like most sports. Our field always varies. Our ball has many shapes. Our game can be played many ways. Only the wind and water are the same. Everything else is different.

Yet, the America’s Cup became that event. For both the right and wrong reasons. Always extreme. Always difficult. Brilliant and arrogant. Often shaping the sport, connecting what is different.

It had been an organic rise, and while not unanimous, the America’s Cup held the most esteem. And now the holders of the trophy are seeking more.

It is a pursuit of commercial stability that seeks a broader base of support. An arena of sailing fans is dwarfed by a stadium of event fans. And the event has been shaped for this broader consumption.

Electrifying boats. Short races. No delays. Condensed schedule. Inshore venue. Perfected broadcast. This tight package is now deliverable, explainable, and digestible.

So the question is … how fan are you? Are you fired up for the 35th America’s Cup? Have you ever been fired up? Has the evolution of the event raised your interest, or pushed you away?

The America’s Cup was once only a highly sought after trophy to win. Now it is also an entertainment entity that will be judged by the seats sold and the rank of its broadcast ratings.

So how fan are you?

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