Phrases You Don’t Want to Hear

Published on April 3rd, 2018

Kurt Hoehne, whose website is dedicated to promoting the sport in the Pacific Northwest, offers a list of phrases one might hear on a racing keelboat in his region that could indicate a long day coming up:

“There isn’t supposed to be a buoy here.”

“It’s not supposed to snow.”

“What’s a convergence zone?”

“Is the anchor ready to go?”

“Where I come from, we pretty much ignore the current.”

“Oops, the other sea boot must be in the closet.”

“I thought you said YOU were bringing the sandwiches.”

“Who’s good with electrical systems?”

“We don’t need instruments, let’s go old school.”

“I’ll be fine. I brought an umbrella.”

“Rock beats scissors, we go left.”

“We can go right through that kelp.”

“Did anyone pick up the #3 from the sailmaker?”

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