Published on June 13th, 2018

As the stakes increase, it’s not uncommon for sportsmanship and fair sailing to suffer. Some may accept it as the new reality for a self-policing sport, but the member clubs of the Inland Lake Yachting Association have been on a mission to address the trend.

As the foundation of any sport are its rules, the ILYA has invested in improving rule knowledge. The organization has been publishing lessons and now has released a quiz that will be the baseline for rule comprehension.

If you pass the quiz, there’s schwag and a #FAIR SAILING” decal for the stern of the boat so it will be readily evident on the water who has committed to learning and maintaining the rules.

Non-ILYA members are encouraged to take the test. You do not need to be a member of an Inland Lake Yachting Association club to take the quiz and receive a gift. The ILYA goal is to increase the number of people reading the rulebook, loving learning about fair sailing and demonstrating sportsmanship on the water.

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Key points about the quiz:

• 15 questions. Need to get 11 right (73%) to pass.
• The questions test basic knowledge of the rules and are not designed to be tricky.
• The quiz is open reference. ILYA encourages you to use a rule book or other references while taking it.
• If you don’t pass, you can re-take the quiz as many times as needed. You will get slightly different questions when you re-take.

Accessing the quiz:

• Go to the #FairSailing page at
• Register for an account at SailZing or log in with your existing account.
• Click on the link for the #FairSailing Rules Quiz.
• Take the quiz. After submitting your answers you will see the results, with the correct answers explained.

If you pass the quiz, scroll to the bottom of the results and access the “next unit” so ILYA can collect information to deliver your incentive award.

Additionally, the ILYA is tracking your club’s participation. Together with your sailing commodore, the ILYA will determine when 50% of your sailors have passed the quiz successfully. If you need to try again (and again), contact Al Haeger to reset your account and try again.

ILYA wants you to pass the quiz to demonstrate your ability to find the rule and understand it. Your club will receive a #Fair Sailing flag to fly proudly when 50% of your sailors pass. Be the first or be the last but get your sailors engaged in the rules.

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