VIDEO: Introduction to Sailing

Published on September 12th, 2019

by Mark Lammens
This video is the standardized script of the demonstration for the CANSail first sail, Intro to Sailing. It was developed over years with the CANSail instructors working the outdoor education program with the local school board.

Each year there was between 500-600 kids that would sail for half a day so the information had to be the critical “need to know”; the CANSail concepts of Balance, Direction, Propulsion, and Safety.

It is an activity-based lesson and the boat is rigged with safety and simplification in mind. No jib, no boom vang, mast rake forward. The last two features are done to keep the boom higher to reduce the chance of accidental head contact.

Having no boom vang is especially important if the wind is stronger. The boom actually crosses over higher in an accidental or deliberate gybe. The boat can be rigged differently for the next progressions when the student is ready.

The first sail is beam reaching to fixed points. The flags in the water show wind direction for the first time sailors as well as the instructors. Ensure the course is square because it is easier to beam reach and to also get back, the guaranteed success base to build from.

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