Is this how to grow the sport?

Published on February 5th, 2020

Within the Racing Rules of Sailing, the requirements to enter a race (Rule 75.1) state that the boat must be entered by:

(a) a member of a club or other organization affiliated to a World Sailing member national authority,
(b) such a club or organization, or
(c) a member of a World Sailing member national authority.

However, Australian Sailing, the national authority for sailing in that country, plans to change the rule to require all crew be members of an affiliated club and registered with Australian Sailing.

This announcement set off a blistering attack on Facebook toward the organization… here are some of the comments:

• An idiot rule created by out of touch sports managers working in an Ivory Tower. A rule even the elite clubs would have trouble enforcing, let alone the all the small sailing clubs which are the backstay for sailing in Australia.

• The Club I sail at doesn’t have any allegiance with Australian Sailing. This is one reason why!
Absolutely stupid rule which IS about revenue raising and definitely going to impact on everyone from skippers looking for crew and people wanting to try sailing (how absurd to remark that specific days are allocated for this) to regular or part time crew.

• Outstanding. That’ll lower the hurdle into the sport and smash the sense of entitlement the outside world see our sort with. Another donation and admin process to take you auntie out for a sail. Visionary move, well done.

• If you were actually honest about this being nothing but more revenue raising (despite your claims that it’s not) and explained how this is going to benefit the average sailor you might get more support, but sadly this is just a cash grab, no doubt being somewhat necessary due to SA receiving less Olympic funding. This is also not surprising seeing as the main interest of SA is the Olympics and the sailors at that end of the spectrum; the rest of us are just a nuisance that you’re happy to take money from and provide nothing to.

For more feedback… click here.

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