Struggling winds at Caribbean Foiling Championships

Published on February 22nd, 2020

Orient Bay Beach, Saint Martin (February 22, 2020) – After light winds yesterday, Day 2 of the Caribbean Foiling Championships began with optimism as the wind started building from the southeast but once competitors went in the water ready to race, it dropped as quickly as it had arrived and contestants had to come back to shore, or with the help of the rescue boats.

In the afternoon, clear skies made way to a timid wind and all contestants went back in the water, and the race was officially launched for the professionals only, having a special type of kite that works in light wind. The windsurfers could not get enough speed to start foiling, and the kites used in the leisure category were not adapted to the conditions.

Florent Parrossel from Saint-Martin, registered in the leisure category, takes it with a calm attitude: “I came to have fun and I only brought a small kite of 9 square meters. If there is not enough wind I prefer to enjoy the day at the beach.”

Coming from Barbuda, 16 years old professional rider Tiger Tyson came in first of the race after doing a tactical tack move that got him well ahead in the race. “It was super light and gusty wind but those are actually my favorite conditions,” said Tyson. “I’m very happy and looking forward to hopefully a good day of racing tomorrow.”

Olivier Blotière from Martinique came second of the race, reporting: “It was complicated, but we were able to foil for a while even before the start of the race. Orient Bay is a beautiful playground for foiling.”

The inaugural event is being held February 22-24.

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Source: Sacha van der Wouden


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